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08/03/2014: Israel and Palestine: Getting the Facts Straight: Guest Rami Danieli
05/25/2014: Dr. Georgy Gounev: Radical Islam and American-Russian Relations
09/01/2013: Guests: Amir George and Ron Chepesiuk; Author and Publisher of “Liberating Iraq”
08/25/2013: Interview: Andrew Lawton: Conservative Talk Show Host In Canada
06/23/2013: Interview: Michael Moriarty
01/06/2013: Nancy Reid and Lisa Smith of Big Blend Magazine
11/11/2012: Interview: Dave Alspach and John Duffy; director and producer of The Flag
10/14/2012: Interview: Craig Avery, British Radio Host and Author
09/23/2012: Interview: Steve Klein
04/29/2012: Dr. Everett Piper, Author: Why I Am a Liberal and Other Conservative Ideas.
04/15/2012: Guest: Henry Biernacki, Travel Writer
12/11/2011: Guests: Queen Divas of the Universe
11/06/2011: Debbie Thurman: Author; Post Gay? Post Christian?
02/27/2011: Guest: Keith Thibodeaux, “Little Ricky” From I LOVE LUCY
02/20/2011: Guest: Mike Zuccaro
10/17/2010: Gabriella Hoffman And Yoela Palkin: Conservative College Activists
09/19/2010: Interview: Terry Kelhawk, Author Of The Topkapi Secret
08/22/2010: Guest: Bruce Brown, Running For Maxine Water’s House Of Representatives Seat
07/25/2010: Apologist David Wood Debates Mayor John O’Reilly
04/18/2010: Interview: Pastor Chuck Austin

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