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New Documents Show IRS Scandal Linked To Washington After All

Benghazi: How To Rebut Democratic Talking Points In 7 Easy Lessons

The Supreme Court Closes The Book On Affirmative Action

Judge Says Fathers Can Be banned From Hospital Delivery Rooms

Rev. Jesse Jackson Tweets Congressman Darrell Issa Is a Racist

Harvard Student Calls For An End To Free Speech

Attention Republicans: Hillary Can Win

Duck Dynasty Controversy: The Real Issue Is Far From Over

Jesus, Santa, and Skin Color

Obama wrong to deport home school family seeking religious freedom

Read My lips: The President Knowingly Lied About Obamacare – No Matter What

The True Interpretation of Obama’s Health Care Promises

Trouble with Obamacare? Perhaps It’s By Design

Five Flawed Talking Points About the Government Shutdown

Iraq Did Have Weapons of Mass Destruction According to New Witness

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