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The Pearl Harbor Attack Under Barack Obama Or Hillary Clinton

Ferguson Turmoil: What you need to start mob violence (SATIRE)

Obama, Illegal Immigration, and the Law

Advice For New Republican Senate and House: Don’t Be Bi-Partisan

Unrest in Ferguson: How To Know The Facts Even When We Have No Facts

President Obama: Will the Real Fascist Please Stand Up?

Impeaching Obama: Good Idea Or Democratic Bait?

How the Obama Legacy Will Be Blamed On Republicans in 2016

New Cyber Bullying Law May End Up Bullying Free Speech

New Documents Show IRS Scandal Linked To Washington After All

Benghazi: How To Rebut Democratic Talking Points In 7 Easy Lessons

The Supreme Court Closes The Book On Affirmative Action

Judge Says Fathers Can Be banned From Hospital Delivery Rooms

Rev. Jesse Jackson Tweets Congressman Darrell Issa Is a Racist

Harvard Student Calls For An End To Free Speech

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