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Other Religions

Militant Islamic Violence: Response To a Video, or Ideology?

Fort Hood Revisited: What’s In a Name?

Romney, Perry, Mormons, and Evangelicals

Can Books Be Burned Even Without Fire?

News Reactions To a Jewish Family Murdered: Has The Pen Become Mightier Than the Sword?

Other Religions Claim The Same Thing

If You Feel Sharia Law Is Not Coming, Maybe You Should Lie Down Until The Feeling Goes Away

A Rare History Lesson: The Truth About Israel and Palestine

Pakistani Court Sentences Christian Woman With Capital Punishment

Israel Accused Of Being A Racist Nation

Is Book Burning Encouraged In The Bible?

Obama Explains America’s Fear Of Muslims

Koran Burning Controversy: Unpacking Contradictory Items That Do Not Fit Well In The Same Suitcase

Israel Should Stop Giving Back Land

A Mosque In Any Other Location Would Pose The Same Question

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