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Admitting Nidal Hassan’s Killings Were Terrorism Is Against Obama’s Narrative

Oklahoma Beheading: A Muslim By Any Other Name Is Just As Fatal

David Horowitz at UCSD: Islam’s Problem With Israel

Obama On ISIS: Is The Islamic State Really Unrelated to Islam?

Historical Truths Behind the Israel-Palestinian Conflict

Can The Trinity Be Found In The Old Testament?

Can A Jew Believe In Jesus And Still Be Jewish?

Pakistani Woman Murdered In ‘Honor Killing’

Militant Islamic Violence: Response To a Video, or Ideology?

Fort Hood Revisited: What’s In a Name?

Romney, Perry, Mormons, and Evangelicals

Can Books Be Burned Even Without Fire?

News Reactions To a Jewish Family Murdered: Has The Pen Become Mightier Than the Sword?

Other Religions Claim The Same Thing

If You Feel Sharia Law Is Not Coming, Maybe You Should Lie Down Until The Feeling Goes Away

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