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Moral Objections

The Integrity of the Old Testament

Why Were So Many Non-Violent Offenses Punishable By Death In The Old Testament?

Hell Gets a Bad Rap

Free Speech Working Both Ways

Are Men Not Allowed To Offer Opinions About Abortion?

The Most Chilling Prediction Of All Has Come True

Does A Father Also Have A Right To Choose?

If God Gets Credit For The Bad, Why Not Also Give Him Credit For The Good?

Why would God allow evil such as the terrorist attacks on 9-11?

Is the Bible a chauvinistic book?

Understanding the Difference Between Forgiving and Excusing: An Important Discussion For Today’s Christians

Got A Beef Against Religion? You May Have Something In Common With Jesus!

Are Christian Ministers Just In It For The Money?

Oh, That Horrible Christianity!

A Pro-Choice Christmas Card?

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