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Church Life & Practices

Hebrew Roots Movement or Replacement Theology? How about C: None of the Above?

Babes In Arms, Noise In Ears

The Papal Syndrome

Can Children Be Confused By Attending Different Denominations?

God Led Me To Say This, So Maybe You’d Better Listen

How Can I Be Sure That When The Chips Are Down, I Will Not Let God Down?

Can I Say Something To You In Love?

The Prayer Game

Hey! Are You Merely Singing Or Are You Letting the Holy Spirit Lead?

The Sin We Let Our Pastors and Guest Speakers Get Away With

Understanding the Difference Between Forgiving and Excusing: An Important Discussion For Today’s Christians

That Other Thing We Committed Ourselves To As Christians

Children Cry and Parents Deny

Trouble in Paradise

My High View of Church Kept Me From Church

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